Strategic Services
Our strategic advisory services help your organization leverage our vision and technology to achieve true and lasting change towards modern software engineering practice. Specifically, we do this through:
  • helping you to recognize opportunities in an increasingly complex software engineering landscape,
  • shaping your change management strategy by leveraging our credible vision,
  • assisting with consensus building among key enterprise stakeholders,
  • architecting a successful transformational roadmap,
  • assisting with the execution of your plan in a cost-effective manner,
  • providing you with the visibility necessary to answer the question "How are we doing?".

Transformation Strategy Consulting
Lean & Agile Rollout at Enterprise Scale
Change is hard. Yet the reasons for transformation to modern practice have never been more important. Faced with Digital Disruption, enterprises must improve their capability to deliver software within an environment of increasing complexity, both in the approaches to software delivery and the technologies that realize today's solutions. Whether that complexity is confronted by self-organizing teams who must sort through marketing rhetoric to identify their best approach for execution, or from technology churn that materially affects outcomes, we know that teams continue to struggle today no differently than in the past. Even with the new management science manifested in today's Lean and Agile approaches, we know that the historical project failure rates continue to be flat. Moreover, the trend in strategic change management continues to exhibit a 70% historical failure rate, of which software capability improvement is not immune. It is not uncommon to hear about "their third Agile transformation" among companies that were once the poster children that fueled the Agile movement.

Our strategic transformation services successfully realize change towards modern practice at enterprise scale. Through Decision-centric Capability Improvement (DCCI), our strategy realizes risk mitigation for decisions related to people, process and technology at the scale of the enterprise. This credible transformation strategy is based on nudging incremental change, one that is sensitive to your corporate culture and contextual realities. With our breakthroughs, the likelyhood that true change will ensue is greatly enhanced. Supported by Advisor, our industry first Lean and Agile Transformation and Governance platform, this strategy enables intelligent practice at scale affording effective governance levers necessary to positively influence outcomes.

What makes our transformation strategy unique in the industry :
  • Strength through enterprise diversity and cultural inclusiveness,
  • Governed Self-organization @ Scale,
  • Hybrid-approaches with industry method reuse,
  • Lean Supply-chain resourcing through practice-based staffing,
  • Decision-centric Architecture based on Reference Architectures,
  • Enterprise Risk Management based on people, process and technology decisions,
  • Real-time maturity and compliance assessments,
  • Cultural evolution tracking,
  • Emergent standards policies and advice,
  • Reuse of portfolio success patterns,
  • Vendor-agnostic ALM integration.

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