Predictive Analytics for Software Delivery
Influencing software development endeavors in a positive manner requires proactive steerage. For the various levers at management's disposal to be effective, they must be utilized in the right places in the management system, at the right time. Predictive analytics empowers IT leadership with leading indicators such that IT investment outcomes are likely to be favorable. The necessary ingredients for this capability to emerge are real-time access to empirical results data, and a model by which the data can be used to infer the likely trajectory of the endeavor. Until now, such a model has been elusive, preventing meaningful influence and forcing IT leadership to have to settle for lagging indicators.

The Advisor Suite changes this and makes Predictive Analytics feasible for the first time in history. Our patented technology is allowing us to explain why succeeding projects succeed and why failing projects fail. Going beyond mere name dropping when it comes to "system's thinking", our platform facilitates exploration of the likely effects of changes to the socio-technical system in advance of execution. Leveraging expert system data to calibrate our technology kernel, dynamic responses to in-flight changes to approach tactics are tracked and fed forward such that better cause-effect relationships emerge related to practice efficacy. The assembly of "smart" approaches is now possible such that intelligent governance and adaptations can be made before the high-costs of failure ensue.

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Predictive Analytics