Empower Teams to Truly Self-Organize
As IT Leadership or a member of a Project Management Office, you have a fiduciary responsibility to influence IT investment outcomes. Yet modern management science strongly suggests empowering your organization's people as a matter of motivational theory. But with a sea methodology and bodies of knowledge each professing to be the best way to "self organize", enterprises are waking up to having been burned by a long lineage of silver bullets and next-big-things.

To get off this treadmill, enterprises need to embrace all prior experience and empower the troops on the ground to define their way of working, agnostic of method or community branding. Yet leveraging this strategy exposes teams to the complexity of the breadth of experience contained in practices and techniques that have emerged over the past 40 years. A credible transformation strategy at the scale addresses this complexity head on while embracing the necessary strategy of inclusiveness required to accommodate the diversity of the enterprise. No one size fits all, and truly empowering teams means allowing them to make tough choices based on the context of the endeavor and the culture of the organization.

The Advisor Suite addresses this challenge through it's patented expert system technology. Through our contextual and cultural rule engine, hybrid practice-based approaches to software delivery means that enterprises will no longer be blinded by the fog of IT methodology jargon; will no longer be annoyed by us-versus-them pedantic wrangling and passive aggressive behavior.

Instead, with Advisor this is removed from the equation, and only the delivery of value and learning about the contextual efficacy of approach tactics remains. The platform ensures that teams are empowered to exercise their discretion regarding their way of working within the guidelines of good and pragmatic governance. It is this balance of empowerment and governance we feel yields a credible basis for establishing the conditions for true change to take hold, a change historically mired in failure.

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Self Organization