Better Decisions mean Better Outcomes
It is reasonable that if better decisions are made for a software endeavor, better investment outcomes will ensue. Currently, this concept is somewhat enabled during the execution of projects within your portfolio through commonly available ALM platforms. But this is only part of the story.

Achieving better investment outcomes requires more insightful choices before a project is launched. While portfolio alignment effort is expended to design better investments which attempt to maximize return on investment, limited treatment is given to ensuring that the decisions regarding approach tactics are sound. Contextualization of projects such that practice choices that are likely to be risky are caught before, during and after an project implies the capability to steer the overall endeavor. For optimal deliveries to consistently be achieved, decision-centric capability must be brought to bear at an enterprise scale.

The Advisor Transformation and Governance platform addresses this challenge through it's patented expert system technology. Empowered with empirical data, more informed choices can be made in a timely fashion such that all levels of the enterprise become more efficient and effective. Going beyond execution decisions typical with project management based ALM infrastructure, Advisor enables better decisions before, during and after endeavors such that patterns of success and failure are brought to bear for future investments.

We invite you to have a conversation with our industry leading experts regarding how to go beyond current industry limitations to achieve the ideals of empiricism at scale such that "Inspect and Adapt" become more than just mere buzzwords.

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