Overview and Objectives
Intended Audience
IT Leadership
Agile Coaches
Lean Change Agents
SEPG Members
PMO Members
EA Groups
ITSM Professionals

Qualifications Earned
Advisor Coaching Professional

Lectures, Discussions, Workshops and

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Value Stream Transformation Strategy


This 3-day class is focused on empowering those who are active with improving software development capability. Participants receive a plain talking, unbiased vision and roadmap for introducing pragmatism into Enterprise IT organizations. Structured around the Value Stream strategy and its realization in the Advisor Suite, this offering empowers change leaders, coaches and other enterprise change agents to achieve successful transformation. Beyond the branding and rhetoric commonly found in the industry, this combined lecture, workshop and demonstration venue addresses the toughest issues faced on the ground by real organizations. The objective is to deliver an actionable, credible approach to materially improve modern software development adoption success rates, something typically elusive to date. The means is through leveraging the the support of Advisor, the industries first Lean and Agile Transformation Infrastructure, and SDLC 3.x, the award winning vision for the brand agnostic integration of modern software development practices.


Upon completion of the course, candidates will be effective at:
  • Sifting through the noise and rhetoric related to the current state of the industry
  • Recognizing the commonality and variation of modern practices, and a basis for establishing the right context for each
  • Leveraging the SDLC 3.x Vision
  • Reasoning about and implementing an efficient and effective Enterprise IT Value-stream
  • Leveraging the Advisor Transformation Platform
  • Answering the question “How are we doing?” in relation to queries regarding capability improvement investments
  • Providing pragmatic advice on efficient and effective governance at scale
  • Facilitating cultural evolution through incremental change
  • Breaking the typical pattern of a 14-18 month engagement reset button
  • Building credibility such that trusted advisor relationships can emerge

Course Outline
1) Capability Improvement & Change Management Challenges
  • Historical Results, Root-causes, Industry Trends, Business Case
  • Transformation versus Adoption
  • Pattern-orientation versus Emergence
2) Achieving Transformation to Modern Practice at Scale
  • Nudging, Sticky Changes, Intrinsic Motivation
  • Agnosticism and Integration
  • The process of change
  • Learning Theory
  • Tracking the growth of people
  • [Workshop - Practice-based Staffing]
3) System’s Thinking
  • Understanding Dynamic Socio-technical Systems
  • Adaptive Structure
  • Patterns of Integration
  • A Universal Kernel
  • [Demonstration - What-if]
4) Contextualization of Software Development
  • History
  • Business Actor Constraints
  • Agile Scaling Factors
  • [Workshop - Hybrid Approach Builder]
5) Understanding Organizational Culture
  • Competing Values Framework, OCAI
  • Cultural Evolution & Practical Applications
  • [Workshop - Cultural Assessment]
6) SDLC 3.0
  • Practice Systems
  • Common Ground
  • Division of Labor choices
  • Coherence and Completeness
  • [Workshop - Advisor Templates]
7) Efficient and Effective Governance at Scale
  • Self-organization, Openness and Transparency, Empiricism, Steerage
  • Normalized Velocity and Scope-based EVM
  • Portfolio Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • [Workshop - Smart Retrospectives]
  • [Workshop - Delivery Intelligence]
  • [Workshop - Approach Refactoring]
8) Integrating a Lean and Agile Enterprise Value-Stream
  • Discovery,Alignment and Lean Startup
  • Service Transition & DevOps
  • Acquisition and Contracts
  • Core Development
  • Common Form Factors

Course Instructor
Mark Kennaley
Mark Kennaley
Mark Kennaley is a senior consultant who provides services focused on improving the Enterprise IT Value-Stream. He is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Software Development Experts Inc. With over 25 years experience in the Information Technology industry, Mark has served clients as a trusted advisor within various domains including Defense, Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Utilities and Telecommunications. Notable career highlights include the re-engineering of the Japanese Banking System and the re-engineering of the Personnel and Payroll systems for the United States Department of Defense. He is the author of Value Stream: Generally Accepted Practice in Enterprise Software Development, author of the Dr. Dobbs Jolt Award winning book SDLC 3.0: Beyond a Tacit Understanding of Agile, and product architect and inventor of The Software Development Practice Advisor.