ERP for IT
Optimization of the value accrued from your most important asset - your people - requires real-time access to the current operational status of the enterprise. Timely access to information is needed to make better decisions regarding staffing your dynamic in-flight portfolio and prepare for your strategic demand pipeline. With IT demand outstripping available capacity, realizing a an efficient and effective supply chain is the new fulfillment imperative.

Going beyond superficial certification schemes, Advisor empowers HR Organizations with a more credible and robust assessment of your bench such that the best possible match can be made for delivering successfully. Driven from the practice-based approach choices regarding the tactics that will be employed on a project, our expert system enables fit-gap analysis against currently known personnel in the system. If the matches being suggested are deemed risky, just-in-time requisitions are created and supplied to our optimized talent marketplace partner, Bullfrog.
With endeavors staffed for the best possible fit, Advisor next focuses on empowering Chief Learning Officers and IT Training Directors to wisely invest in the people of the enterprise. To address shrinking training budgets, cost-effective pay-per-view industry expert practice-based training requests are presented to practitioners as an innovative and Lean way to improve capability.

As team members require more intensive knowledge transfer, pull-oriented coaching requests are facilitated and tracked for an overall lowered cost-of-transformation. Such integration delivers a meaningful knowledge management mechanism for tracking progress of your overall transformation to modern software development practice. Empowered with enterprise-wide visibility, both the HR and Enterprise Learning can achieve a Lean Supply Chain for more effective enterprise resource planning within IT.

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ERP for IT